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FAQ for nurses and midwives

How can I attach additional documents to my application when it is under review?

How do I finalize my logbook?

How do I start a logbook?

How long is an accepted logbook valid?

How to write the requested ethical case? (max 750 words)

I don't have an official English translation of my diploma. What should I do?

I'm not sure my application is submitted correctly. What should I do?

Should I send any hard copies (logbook, qualifications) to the central office?

Some techniques are not performed in my centre. What do I do?

Some techniques are not performed in my country. What do I do?

What happens if I cannot finish my logbook before the deadline?

When will I know whether I'm accepted or not to sit for the exam?

When will my supervisors receive a request to sign something off in my logbook

Which (and how many) procedures are included in the logbook?

Who will evaluate the applications?

Why can't I find all articles in the reading list directly on the ESHRE website?