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FAQ for embryologists

Can I apply directly to NUFFIC for validation of my diploma(s)?

Can I use my training experience (with spare material) for my logbook?

Can MD holders practicing embryology apply for the senior embryology certificate

How can I attach additional documents to my application when it is under review?

How do I validate my degree through NUFFIC?

I have enough years of experience but the system doesn't allow me to submit.

I'm not sure my application is submitted correctly. What should I do?

I'm the lab director. Can I sign as a supervisor for my own logbook?

Is the start date of my contract also the start date of my logbook procedures?

Should I send any hard copies (logbook, qualifications) to the central office?

When will I know whether I'm accepted or not to sit for the exam?

Where can I find the submission statement form?

Who can be listed as a reference?

Who will evaluate the applications?