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FAQ for embryologists

***NEW*** What should I do if I don't have enough conventional IVF cases to...

***NEW***How to count oocytes/embryos cryopreserved by different embryologists?

***NEW***What happens if my previous boss doesn't endorse my logbook?

Are there any changes in the logbook requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Can I also use a USB-plugin webcam for the online exam?

Can I apply directly to NUFFIC for validation of my diploma(s)?

Can I use my training experience (with spare material) for my logbook?

Can MD holders practising embryology apply for the senior embryology exam?

Do embryo transfers (ET) also include the ETs from the category thawing/warming?

Do I have to buy all of the books on the reading list?

How can I attach additional documents to my application when it is under review?

How do I validate my degree through NUFFIC?

How should I count the logbook procedures for zygote and embryo evaluation?

I have enough years of experience but the system doesn't allow me to submit.

I'm not sure my application is submitted correctly. What should I do?

I'm the lab director. Can I sign as a supervisor for my own logbook?

Is the start date of my contract also the start date of my logbook procedures?

Should I send any hard copies (logbook, qualifications) to the central office?

What happens when my laptop is not working on the day of the exam?

What to do with a person who was in IVF for 7 years

When will I know whether I'm accepted or not to sit for the exam?

Where can I check if I missed any messages about my application?

Where can I find the submission statement form?

Who can be listed as a reference?

Who will evaluate the applications?