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FAQ my ESHRE-CPD credits

As a lecturer, do I also get ESHRE-CPD credits for attending the meeting?

Can I still upload documents from previous years?

Can lab managers participate in the ESHRE-CPD programme?

Do I lose my certification when I don't have enough credits by the deadline?

For which activities can I collect ESHRE-CPD credits?

How can I participate in the ESHRE CPD programme?

I'm unable to see the number of credits I have collected so far.

Is it mandatory to fill the clinic activity record?

Not all ESHRE activities have been added automatically. Can I add them myself?

What does it mean when the platform says:No valid or current certification found

When can I fill the 2021 clinic activity record?

Why are there 2 different start dates (1 Jan/1 Sept) for the active period?

Why didn't I get any ESHRE CPD credits for the e-learning course I followed?