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ESHRE-CPD credit system

Continuous Embryology Education (CEE) credits have been converted to ESHRE Continuing Professional Development (ESHRE-CPD) credits

The Embryology Certification Committee is proud to present the new ESHRE-Continuing Professional Development (ESHRE-CPD) platform, which will replace the old Clinical Embryology Education Credit (CEEC) system.  The old credits from the previous active period (2013-2015) have all been converted to ESHRE-CPD credits.

The aim of the ESHRE-CPD platform is to encourage ESHRE Certified Senior and Clinical Embryologists to stay updated on the field of embryology and assisted conception, and record their CPD activities.
All names of ESHRE certified embryologists will be included in a list per country on the ESHRE website.  Those who are considered CPD-active (by obtaining the yearly CPD-certificate) will be mentioned at the top of their country’s list of ESHRE certified embryologists.

How does it work?
CPD participants have to collect at least 60 credits (clinical embryologists) or 100 credits (senior embryologists) over a period of 3 years (currently 2019-2021).  Furthermore, in order to obtain a CPD certificate, participants must also submit a CPD clinic activity record of their lab activities from the past (2021) year, which shows involvement in at least one of following categories/procedures: Embryology, Andrology, Cryo, PGT, Lab and/or quality management.  Uploaded documents will be checked for auditing purposes.

The list of CPD activities is divided into 3 main categories: Educational (learning), Professional and Scientific:

1. Educational (learning) activities

Attendance to meetings
  • ESHRE annual meeting, 30 credits
  • ESHRE campus / workshop / pre-congress course, 20 credits
  • Other professional body meetings / courses (national and international), 10 credits

  • ESHRE e-learning/ESHRE webinar, 1 credit per lecture (max. 10 per year)
  • Other e-learning platforms with official European CME credits awarded, 1 CPD credit per CME credit
Academic activities
  • Thesis examination board member or supervision (MSc/PhD), 10 credits

2. Professional involvement

  • Participant in ESHRE boards, SIGs, 10 credits per year
  • Participant in national boards, SIGs, 5 credits per year
  • ESHRE scientific meeting organizer (full day meeting), 10 credits
  • Other professional body meeting organizer (full day meeting), 5 credits

3. Scientific activities

Contribution to ESHRE scientific meetings/courses
  • Invited speakers, 30 credits
  • Free communication (1st author), 20 credits
  • Poster (1st author), 10 credits
  • Co-author of free communication or poster, 5 credits
Contribution to other professional body meetings/courses
  • Invited speakers, 20 credits
  • Free communication (1st author), 10 credits
  • Poster (1st author), 5 credits
  • Co-author of free communication or poster, 2 credits
Publication of a paper (international peer review, ISI listed)
  • 1st author/corresponding/last, 50 credits
  • Co-authors, 20 credits
Publication of a paper (national peer review)
  • 1st author/corresponding/last, 20 credits
  • Co-authors, 10 credits
Book (with ISBN)
  • Editor or author of book, 40 credits
  • 1st author of book chapter, 30 credits
  • Co-authors of book chapter, 20 credits

Credits for attendance to ESHRE events (Campus workshops and Annual meetings) will be added automatically. Participants will have to personally upload any other CPD activities from 2019, 2020 and 2021 by 28 February 2022 in order to count towards their 2022 CPD certificate. 
Participants with sufficient credits and a valid clinic activity record for 2021 can download their 2022 CPD certificate from 1 April 2022 onwards. 

For example, if a certified clinical embryologist has collected 60 credits from 2019 and 2020 ESHRE events, he/she will not be able to download the 2022 CPD certificate unless his/her 2021 clinic activity record is added before 28 February 2022.
Any CPD activities added after 28 February 2022 will be taken into account for the 2020-2022 period and for the certificate that will be released in 2023.

How do I start collecting my ESHRE-CPD credits?
To upload credits and complete your logbook, please go to: https://enmcp.eshre.eu/pages/enmcp-credits.php.

Please note that no CPD credits can be awarded for activities provided by commercial/private companies, unless official European CME credits have been granted.

Who can participate?
The CPD-programme is only open to all ESHRE certified embryologists with an active ESHRE membership. You can renew your membership here.

For more information about the ESHRE-CPD programme, please check our FAQ pages or contact the ESHRE Central Office .